(F) (Y)our (P)roject

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I have a feeling mintyboi.wordpress is gonna die soon. ~hai all good things come to an end ya[1]? Nothing lasts forever. But hell no! mintyboi.wordpress is back and more alive! If nothing lasts forever. Then mintyboi is nothing!!…….Hmm…ok that didn’t sound like what I expected. Hahaha but nevertheless, its back~

Past few weeks have been reports, reports and reports….and ya know what? Its all doing the same reports! Hahaha this final year report. It comprises of 52 pages and 9k words! Muahaha. The author think its amazing……although research shows that some other people all have >60+ pages and 10k+ words -_- lol!

Ahhh oh well, at least everything is over, now to worry about Industrial Attachment. The author only placed 1 company in the interested companies list so that means going into the second phrase if not chosen instead of being allocated a company the author has no interest in.

Ok…the author notice he’s still writing in a report-ish way. He’ll try to adapt back soon. Meanwhile,




Managing Time

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Quizes, Final Year Report, Final Year Project, Worrying about finding a job. These are some of the problems that awaits me as I head further down the year of 2011. However, a trip to europe in the middle of the year serves as a temporal solace for the working life that most students like (for the monetary benefits) but dreads (for the constrained activities).

Without drifting off too far, allow us to come back to managing our time. With all the quizes and due-dates just around the corner, how do we plan our time? Even if we DO plan our timetable, what gives us the guarantee that we’ll follow as according? Everyone is prone to procrastination and not to mention, there are so many distractions lying around us. Here’s something to read:

Time is one of our most precious resources.

Each of us is only given a finite amount of it and how we choose to use that time makes all the difference.

Consider these questions:

Do you know where your time is being spent?

Do you know where you are maximizing your time and where it is simply being wasted?

Are you spending more time on the things that take you closer to your goals?

Do you prioritize your activities in order of importance or impact?

Do you focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to do many things at once?

People who feel like they’re stuck are not fully aware of where their time is going or going into. They don’t prioritise their activities and tend to spend most of their time on things that don’t bring about any positive change.

The passage towards their goals is often derailed by distractions. And they try to cram as many tasks as possible into a period of time, often ending up with mediocre or even below-average results.

The first step towards taking control of your time is understanding what it is exactly you’re spending it on. Keep a record of how much of your time each day is spent doing what.

You might be surprised at just how much of your life is being wasted on activities that essentially don’t benefit you at all.

Gradually scratch those things off your schedule and replace them with what I call “actuators” – activities that get you ahead in terms of your self-development.

Next, identify the activities that give you the greatest mileage and spend more time on them. For example, would shifting your gym training to before you go to the office make you more alert and efficient?

Would it give you more time later to tackle unforeseen tasks and finish your work properly?

What about focusing on clients who demand better quality work but also pay better, rather than accepting every job that comes along?

Always prioritize your tasks and highlight the top or top two jobs that absolutely must be done by the end of the day.

This way, even when contingencies crop up (as they often do), you’ll be sure that you got the most important things covered.

As much as possible, focus on one task at a time and strive to give it your best. Too much emphasis is put on multi-tasking these days and it’s highly over-rated.

If you can do several things at a time but only produce average results, you’re simply a robot in a factory line.
It’s the ones who can do one thing but excel in it who are most valuable.

And finally, even if the Internet seems like the only thing you’ll need these days, it can be one of the biggest time-wasters.

Things like email, instant messaging and social networking can easily take up a huge chunk of your day if you don’t li mit the time you spend on them.

So give yourself a quota. One or two hours a day and that’s it. There’s more to life than Facebook.

A Slice of Life – Presented and Written by Eugene Loh

Everytime i close my eyes
I see yours…..

CNY and VD

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Oh my gawd! Mintyboi! So you still remember you have a blog huh! Hahaha
Mintyboi: “yea ok alright, I’m guilty of neglecting it . Will write something now yea lol”

Happy Chinese New Rabbit Year to everyone. Nope I’m not late. CNY last for 15 days. Its still not too late for more house visitation and helping your friends to clear their new year goodies..especially the bak kuas. No prizes for guessing what I fed my tummy with =D

Sure…the first 2 or 3 days were hectic, running about visiting relatives and interacting with cousins and aunties. Nevertheless, CNY is always welcomed for the following reasons:
– Long Holidays
– New year goodies…esp bak kuas haha
– CNY shows on channel 8 and U
– New clothes and shoes
– Ang pows

Next shortly after CNY is Valentine’s Day! A day where you spend with your friends, your family and your partner. A day more commonly dedicated to all couples and lovebirds out there. Although VD is only once every year, but as long as you feel like it, everyday can be and is VD.

How much effort is needed to fold a crane? How about nine hundred and ninety nine cranes?
I’m sure tons of patience, determination, and love are required. And are present in each and every one of these tiny cranes.
I’ve always wanted a world of my own were I can do whatever I want, were I could live alone,
till I come to know you, now I wanted to have world shared by two, a paradise shared with you

Protected: Secret post….H1M

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11/1/11…another nice date. In 10 months time, it’ll be 11/11/11. Wait for it~ Hahaha

Made some pastries (Molten choc cake) with dear today. It turns out exactly not like what it should as shown in the picture in the recipe! But ya know what? It tasted good. Hahaha. And because I helped out, I feel proud too. Whahaa

Its not about how nice it look or how delicious it taste. Its about the time spent making it…=) Love it!

不在乎天长地久, 只在乎曾经拥有

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Omigosh!! Sch’s starting in like another 3 2 weeks time and I have yet to start on my FYP! And I’m supposed to finished it before sch starts?? Whoever set these rules apparently haven been students before! Ahahaha

But oh well…dun have much choices do I? Guess i’ll just have to grit my teeth and go thru it.

Funny how I seem to have so much time but it all just disappears to somewhere. Procrastination is one of the reason for that. Best example being this post. It has been lying in my draft folder ever since 1/1/11 (nice number? On purpose!! Whaha). Haven really gotten down to penning down my thoughts and blogging.

But oh well seeing how words seem to flow leak out so smoothly today haha, lets finish this post and go onto the next hahaha. I realized I haven really made any New Year Resolutions every before in my 24 yrs. There’s no need for a resolution if one doesn’t keep to it eh? But its alright! I’ll try this year. My 10 resolutions:

1) Stop procrastinating (impossible)
2) Open my mind, don’t be too stubborn (do-able)
3) No spurting of vulgarities (do-able…except when ard phusionade. HAHA)
4) Don’t act like a know-it-all (impossible…I do know it all. Ahahaha)
5) Concentrate on things on hand (do-able)
6) Sleep early (do-able)
7) Maintain a healthy lifestlye, i.e. exercise at least 3 times a week (have been trying…..key word being trying =x)
8 ) Grow taller (impossible…its a natural process)
9) Control my spendings (do-able..I was born a scrooge. Hahaha everyone beware~~)
10)  Reduce time spent on internet (do-able…in the past….in this era, impossible)

ok done! Ahahaha and to make it easy for myself, I have even included my thoughts on it. Resolution means decision, or rather firm decision. Whoever said it had to be something that can be done. ;P

This year….I’ll tell ya
This year’s gonna be a blast!

Embracing the year of 2011

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I have much apologizing to do! Haven updated this space since aeons ago! Sorry for being so lazy, sorry for procrastinating, sorry for abandoning it, sorry for not wishing during the festive season and sorry for missing out details of my story thus far.

Exams this year sucks ttm! Wasn’t like that in the past? Maybe the 4 mths of holiday prior to the semester really slowed down the momentum. But oh well….it passed and christmas came 🙂 Merry christmas everyone! Its only the 6th-day-out-of-12-days of christmas hahaha.

2010 has been a very good and wonderful year for me =)…especially the 2nd half..towards the end of the year….before exams……even during the horrible exams…and after the exams too. All in all, 2010 will definitely be marked down in my biography as one of the happiest year in my 24 years ; )

Next is the welcoming of 2011 the new year! Its gonna be countdown in a few minutes time (at this point of time, 58mins haha)..have you listed out the major events that happened to you in 2010? Have you also made your new year resolution?

Leave any bad memories that has happened to you in 2010, behind in 2010 and embrace the new year of 2011!!
Happy New Year everyone~~

The two happiest things in life, to love and to be loved.